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Zhongnan Education Group is under Zhongnan Holding Group, one of Top 500 Chinese Companies, and is headquartered in Haimen, Jiangsu Province. The group sticks to the philosophy of "teaching and education for enlightening the future", inherits the education characteristic of "advanced school-running philosophy, strong humanistic atmosphere, rich cultural deposit and top education quality", follows the national education development direction, takes the mission of making the country a great power of HR and talent, delivers excellent talents to the country and promotes the healthy development of the contemporary education.

Zhongnan Education Group now has the Haimen Zhongnan Dongzhou International School (primary school division, junior high school division and senior high school division) and the Shandong Guangrao County Zhongnan Century City Kindergarten. Now it has over 500 faculty members, including 1 National Famous Principal, 1 tutor of Nantong Famous Teacher and Tutor Group, 1 special tutor from the Principal Training Base of the Ministry of Education, 1 adjunct professor from Middle School Principal Training Center of the Ministry of Education, 1 tutor from the Principal Training Center of Beijing Normal University, 4 special-grade teachers and 6 Nantong Academic Leaders. In the past senior high school entrance examinations, the middle school division got leading results, ranking the 1st among the 182 junior high schools in Nantong in terms of the number admitted to Haimen Middle School and the average scores of all subjects. The international senior high school division got satisfactory result of college admission for its first graduated students. Now 95 letters of admission have been received from the universities of US, Canada and Australia, 41% of the students were admitted by the world's top 50 universities, 45% of the students were admitted by the branch schools of world-famous university, such as University of California, Santa Barbara.

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