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Zhongnan High-tech was founded in 2014. It is engaged in building high-technology industrial parks and is an important sector for strategic upgrade of Zhongnan Group. The company is based on park carrier construction and real business investment. Now it has combined the full industry chain advantage of the group; built three major operation carriers: characteristic industrial town, new-style industrial park and industrial complex; integrated three core competences: industrial investment promotion, park operation and real business investment; and reached deep strategic cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Machinery Industry Information Research Institute and Oriental Think Tank, becoming a super platform integrating multiple resources of industry-university-research, industry chain, capital, operation and incubator, providing brand new momentum for the country to revive the real economy and fully guarding China's innovation.

Development positioning

Stick to the core philosophy of "Rejuvenating and serving the country with industry", and achieve the original aspiration of "developing the industry and reviving the real economy";
Stick to "Industry First", fully promote transformation and upgrade of physical industry, and allow the emerging industries to rise quickly;
Stick to providing one-stop all-inclusive services for real enterprises and building a platform for cooperation of upstream and downstream industry chain;
Stick to the development for promoting investment for governments, increasing revenues, creating jobs and driving the continuous renewal of the cities;
Stick to the result oriented by industry prosperity and regional development.

Three major product lines

Industrial town

Land scale: 1-3 square kilometers or more;

Format combination: with industry/residence/business ratio of 6:3:1, build a modern industrial town integrating industry-university-research and business-residence-recreation;

Industry positioning: comply with the characteristics of local industries, and the strategic industries supported by the governments, such as intelligent manufacturing, electronic information and bio-medicine.

New-style industrial park

Land scale: 500-1500 mu;

Format combination: 60% standard workshop buildings or pilot plant test and R&D buildings, 30% customization of large companies and 10% supporting facilities of the park;

Industry positioning: Focus on the production and R&D enterprises in robot, big data, artificial intelligence, bio-medicine, electronic information and high-end equipment, and the supporting facilities.

Industrial complex

Land scale: 300-500 mu;

Format combination: 100% standard workshop buildings, R&D buildings, office buildings and industrial service buildings, with some supporting apartments;

Industry positioning: focus on technology enterprises in electronic information, Internet, IoT, big data and robot.

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